Spicy Bead Organization

I stumbled across this awesomely cute craft room project the other day.

I can”t wait until the yard sale Gioca Gratis con Slot Machine online Senza Scaricare  Gioca subito con 5€ GRATIS SENZA DEPOSITO – Promozione Esclusiva Sfrutta il Bonus di Benvenuto di 500€ su 888. season starts.

I”ll be on the lookout for one of these spice racks!

Spicy Bead Rack

Read more about it <HERE>


Suitcase Craft Tote

I am constantly drawn to vintage suitcases.
I have to be held back and told “No” at yard sales and online casinos thrift stores.

Now I feel completely justified!  I”ll be making one of these soon!

Amazing Crafting Suitcase from Vintage Suitcase

See the details <HERE>

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition

The Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition is a great way to test the Doctor Who knowledge of your family and friends. With 600 questions covering several categories and decades of Doctor Who material (including specific episodes, quotes, plot lines, villains and much more), you and your friends will be able to enjoy a fun night away from the TV and computer while still getting your Doctor Who fix.

This game is perfect for road trips and camping. The travel case holds all A RED franchise allows best-driving-school.com instructors to trade under the company’s established and trusted name. 600 questions and custom die for safe keeping.

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition

  • For Ages 12 and up.
  • Tons of Doctor Who questions in a travel wedge for easy portability.
  • For 2 players (or one honest player).
  • Includes: Cards with 600 questions, Custom Die, Trivial Pursuit Wedge Container, and Instructions.
  • Categories:
    • Time Lords
    • Companions
    • Episodes & Stories
    • Years & Dates
    • Monsters
    • Cast, Crew, & Beyond
  • Case Dimensions: 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 3″

You can purchase the Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition for $19.99 at ThinkGeek.com and Amazon.com. Show off your Whovian prowess!

Freebie – Vintage Baby Bluebird Scraps

This is an awesome set of adorable baby bluebirds!

Available from Free Pretty Things For You!

These free stock images are perfect for some scrappy art journaling or pretty packaging, don’t Derfor har EU casino online ogsa en dansk licens hos Spillemyndigheden, hvilket betyder at det er 100% lovligt at spille casino her. you think?

Vintage Bluebird Printables

Check them out and <Download Here>

Freebie – Printable Owl Library Cards

These are absolutely adorable!

The set, from Love vs. Design includes several colors of owl, but also includes casino jameshallison the library cards!

I”ve been looking for library cards!

Check them out and <Download Here>


Tutorial: Rock Cairn Photo or Tag Holder

GardenMama has a great tutorial for these awesome photo holders!

I think they would be perfect for pricing or item descriptions at a craft show.

I”ll post more casino online when the snow clears and I can get to the rocks to actually make a few of these!


Tutorial – Transferring Images Onto Stone

GardenMama”s blog is awesome!

I am soooo going to make these and leave them around town!

C”mon spring!
I can”t wait free mobigames to go to the lake and find some smooth lake stones!

Maybe I”ll have to go freeze my fingers off!


Freebie – Valentine’s Day Printables

I”ve run across several different Valentine”s Day Printables around the net.

Here are a few of the ones I really like!

Super cute printable valentines – from Hello! Lucky:


18 Valentine’s Day cards (6 designs in 3 different colors) from Thank You Card Shop:

Valentine’s Day cards from Thank You Card Shop:” src=”http://yoopergal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/valentinesprintable.jpg” alt=”” width=”650″ height=”455″ />


Printable mini valentines from A Pair of Pears (3 different designs):


Adorable Valentine’s Day cards from We Love to Illustrate (designs from 7 illustrators available – Jennifer Bell’s shown below):

images from their respective sources.

I hope you enjoy these printables as much as I have!

Tutorial: Easy Tiny Envelopes

This is an awesome DIY found at <PoppyTalk>

wp-image-85″ title=”easy-tiny-envelopes-tutorial-4″ src=”http://yoopergal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/easy-tiny-envelopes-tutorial-4.jpg” alt=”” width=”330″ height=”555″ />

I have boxes of scrapbook paper and I don”t really scrap!

Guess I”ll be making some of these then!

Freebie – Printable Mini Valentines

Check out these awesome FREE Printable Mini Valentines from PaperCrave.

urine additives Collection urine additives specimens for urinalysis must be tested within 2 hours of specimen collection. title=”free-printable-mini-valentines” src=”http://yoopergal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/free-printable-mini-valentines.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”741″ />

You can check “em out and download them <Here>

Tutorial: How to Make Concrete Tealight Holders

Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make your own tealight holders!

All you need is fine mixed concrete, small silicone molds, oil, a paintbrush, a spatula, and some tealights.

1. Begin by oiling the molds. You technically don’t need to oil silicone molds, but it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side. 2. Oil the underneath and sides of the tealight.
3. Mix the concrete and fill the mold with it to just below the top, stopping the concrete from overflowing when you push in the tealight. 4. Shake the mold to get rid of any air bubbles and to level the From pipe-layer to carpenter; heavy construction equipment auctions operator to project manager; and program manager to executive vice-president of a publicly-held service company, Cherf has extensive experience in the development, management and construction of major public and private projects in the commercial, residential, industrial, infrastructure and heavy/civil arenas. concrete’s surface.
5. Press the tealight into the center of the concrete, then leave to set on a flat surface. It will take about 24 hours to set. 6. Carefully remove the holders from the molds, and then wash the molds so that they can be reused

I used to work with hypertufa, or “tufa” for short.  It”s a lightweight cement mixture.

I”m definitely going to try these with some tufa this coming spring!


Flying People!

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane.

It’s an RC plane designed to look like a human being! Up close it’s obvious that these are online casino very simple RC planes, but from a distance they look like people flying through the sky. They were flown over New York City to promote the movie Chronicle.

How awesome!


Geeky Paintovers using Victorian Portraits

before & after

Up-cycling at its geeky finest!

Artist Alex Gross creates geek-tastic Kahdensadan hedelmapelin lisaksi loydat hieman pienemman paketin poytapeleja, videopokereita ja muita kasinopeleja . portraits!

Gross takes old Victorian portraits and paints over them, transforming them into characters from comic books and Sci-Fi movies like Batman, Wolverine, and Darth Vader.

At first it seems a bit disrespectful to take what is most likely someone’s only surviving portrait from like 100 years ago and turn it into a kooky character, but the truth is that it’s an honor.




The Internet as a Physical Being


I was browsing in the RSS feeds of the blogs I read and came across a short documentary by Ben Mendelsohn titled Bundled, Buried & Behind Closed Doors.

With so much of our lives taking place online, it’s easy to think of the Internet as some abstract, ethereal gathering of information with no physical presence. After all, most of us never see the physical infrastructure that is required to shift all of that data around – and we rarely have reason to even think about it until something goes wrong.

But Ben Mendelsohn thinks about it. He sought out some of America’s largest physical information hubs, the unassuming buildings which facilitate the shuffling of mind-boggling amounts of data every day. In his short documentary, Bundled, Buried & Behind Closed Doors, Mendelsohn takes a close look at a nondescript building in lower Manhattan that just happens to act as one of the world’s largest Internet nodes.

This fascinating documentary takes the viewer inside the types of facilities that most of us simply never stop to think about. The staggering arrays of cables all bundled together and the massive machines taking up entire rooms are the physical representations of a realm that we tend to think of as entirely virtual. Who would have thought that the Internet would have such a palpable physical presence right there on Hudson Street?

What would I do with a Silhouette?


I would love to win this!

I have a cricut, but you”re pretty much limited by the cartridges and the papers…

I would love to win the Silhouette that Little Miss Mamma is giving away!

Check it out!


What I'm working on today…


Today I will let go of the thinking processes that keep me in the past.

I will remember to focus on what is real and relevant to mobile gambling the current moment, and I will not place old patterns of thought and behavior on the present.

WTF Friday – Cat Toy

I love etsy.com.  It”s one of my favorite sites for cool gifts from independent artists.

It”s also one of the best places to find bizarre and odd items…  Like this one!

WTF Friday - Cat Toy

Now aunt Flo can visit your cat every day.
Make every day that play time of the month.
PMS = playful meow syndrome.
Your cat may hate water but I bet it will love the red tide.

I can keep going…

Made with certified 100% organic catnip.

Free gift wrapping available! Leave a note when checking out.


What am I waiting for?

Starting over.

I moved my site from one host to another… And thought long and hard about saving my old content.

It was outdated, erratic, and not cohesive at all.

Not that this will be well planned and make perfect sense to everyone.  I thought I”d just start with a clean slate.

I still fear blogging.  I write great blog posts in my head all the time, but when it comes time to actually write down what I am thinking, I blank out.   I think of topics to write about, but then shy away because “people” might get offended.  I”m guessing that I am doing myself a disservice.

I will begin to blog.


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